Concept 2 Model: SkiErg PM5

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The SkiErg helps build strength and endurance using the poling motions integral to the sport of Nordic skiing, but you don't have to be a skier to benefit from the amazing low impact and full-body exercise. The double poling movement involves not only arms and shoulders, but also core and legs; classic skiing technique (alternating arms) is also possible. The SkiErg easily accommodates adaptive athletes and those with lower body injuries, users can either sit or kneel and still get a great upper body and core workout. SkiErg is suitable for use with most wheelchairs. Contact us for more details! 

Product Dimensions: Wall mounted dimensions: 20.5" (W) x 16" (D) x 83.5" (H)

Free standing dimensions: 24" (W) x 52" (D) x 85" (H)