InFlight Fitness Leg Curl/Leg Extension (Used)

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The Inflight Fitness Leg Press/ Calf Raise machine is a great multi-function unit that allows for maximum results. The compact dimensions of the unit make this unit an even better addition to any home gym or commercial setting.

Product Features:

  • Unique cable system provides immediate resistance.
  • Seat pads are ergonomically angled to position you for a complete muscle exercise as well as comfort.
  • Large 2” x 4” flat oval tube frame is rugged and stylish.

Product Specifications: 

  • 44"(W) x 58"(L) x 62"(H)
  • 97cm x 128cm x 157cm
  • 446lbs (203kg)
  • Weight Stack: 150lbs (68kg)

*Please note that this is a used product and will feature scuffs, scratches, and signs of use.*