Light Weight Fitness Package-FREE SHIPPING

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The Light Weight Fitness Package is perfect for beginner fitness training or for the ideal "Cool down" workout routine. Light Weight Fitness Package includes: 4lb PFX Wall Ball: Impact absorbing and moisture resistant. 4kg Black Cast Iron Kettlebell: Constructed from one solid piece of cast iron, Kettlebells facilitate sport specific resistance training like no other equipment or implement. A truly unique tool for the development of speed and power. Wooden Plyo Box 12"/18"/20": Designed for athletes of all levels and gives a challenging plyometric workout. Constructed of strong plywood and built to last. Assembly required 5kg Weighted Vest:  Solid, ingot cast steel weights made from heavy duty wear resistant material features a security belt and padding for secure comfortable fit. Adjustable in 1LB weight increments. One size fits all