Men's Heavy Lifter Package

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Our Men's Heavy Lifter Package is perfect for a heavy lifting workout routine.

Men's Heavy Lifter Package Includes:

Men's WT1215 CrossFit DEMO Barbell:

USA-made zinc plated bars feature IWF finger markings, a softer knurling pattern, and brass-bushing for a consistent spin. The 86" men's bar is 20 kg/44 lb with a 28.5mm grip diameter and can hold up to 700lb of plates. Knurling patterns offer excellent grip position for Cleans and Snatches.

230lb Rubber Bumper Plate Set 10lb-45lb:

The material is pure rubber with a stainless steel center ring. Diameter is 450mm, (17.72″) which is what the IWF recommend, collar opening is 50.6mm (1.99″) 

Set includes pairs of:

10lb, 25lb, 35lb, and 45lb Rubber Bumper Plates. 1lbs Box of Sports Chalk: Having issues with grip? Then give our sports chalk a try, to ensure a non-slip grip. FREE with PU