Women's OB80 Hybrid Olympic Barbell

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The PowerFit, OB80 Women's Hybrid bars are a 15kg Alloy steel barbell with a capacity of 700lbs. These bars feature brass bushings, 25 mm chrome finish bar, 14-7/8" weight sleeve, snap ring end caps with PowerFit Logo

Designed for the Serious Cross Training Athletes who want a quality bar purposely for Cleans, Lifts, Squats, etc!

Product Features:

  • 79-1/4" Overall Length
  • 12-3/8" Weight Sleeve
  • 700lb Cap
  • Brass Bushings
  • 150,000 PSI
  • 25mm Grip
  • Dual knurled grips
  • Hard chrome sleeve
  • Snap Rings
  • PowerFit Logo end cap