Target Abs

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Target Abs is an abdominal training bench that incorporates the Touch Target Technology popularized by the Ab Solo. Target Abs is a fixed angle bench that eliminates the guesswork from the user as to how to set up the bench for maximum results. Simply get on and perform a sit up motion touching the colored targets as you crunch forward and reach toward the top of the bench. Once you touch the target your rep is complete. Two complementary targets are positioned on either side of the main target allowing for effective oblique training as well. Increase the intensity of the workout by incorporating Medicine balls into the routine. Use the upper handle to perform a perfect reverse crunch motion to complete your core training. Product Dimensions and Weight: L69” x W32” x H43”  - Weight: 116 lb   *This product ships from multiple locations. Please contact us directly for accurate shipping costs. 404-806-7650 or*