PowerFit Multi-Colored Soft Plyo Set

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Personalize your Plyometric workout with our Quick Locking Soft Plyo Set! Customize your routine with a 6", 12", 18", and 24" inch soft plyo boxes. Our Soft Plyo Set features nylon woven handles to ease of use and mobility. Steps are made from nylon ensuring superior nonslip surface. Each plyo is filled a dense and durable foam core to ensure the longevity of our plyos. In addition each plyo has a Velcro strip at the top with a joining soft fabric strip at the bottom for a quick lock. Soft plyo base dimensions are 29.25" (L) x 35.25" (W).


  • Customize your plyo workout height with ease
  • Stacks and Locks quickly together to create various stable heights
  • Durable Nylon woven handles for superior mobility
  • Made from a soft but durable vinyl (EPE - Expanded Polyethylene) to help reduce scratches and scrapes
  • Base dimensions: 29.25" (L) x 35.25" (W)  
  • Dense and durable core built to last
  • Nonslip Nylon surface