Tuff Grind Rolled Rubber Flooring

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Tuff Grind rolled flooring is a low cost yet durable rolled rubber flooring solution. These rolls offer a functional rubber floor surface however color and density of color flecks between rolls is not guaranteed. These rolls are made from post industrial recycled rubber that is naturally made during the production of our standard recycled rubber products. Tuff Grind rubber rolls are dense and have an anti slip surface to help keep traction even in the most demanding exercises. These rolls work great in home gyms or light commercial gym areas where heavy exercise equipment is being used and the customer is in need of a lower cost rubber flooring solution. If you would like a rubber roll that has guaranteed color consistency, we would recommend one of our standard rolled rubber flooring products instead.

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Width – 4 feet.

Thickness – Available in 1/4″, 3/8″ and 1/2″

thickness. Length – Available in standard 15', 25' and 50' roll lengths or custom cut upon request.

Color – Available in confetti color pattern.

Please note: this flooring is made entirely from the post industrial recycled rubber that is naturally made during the production of our standard rubber flooring products. Due to this, color density, and shade may present a slight color variation in the flooring depending on what kind of colors and products were used during production for each roll.

Weight – 1.5 Lbs. sqft for the 1/4” 2.2 Lbs. sqft for the 3/8″ 2.5 lbs. sqft for the 1/2″

Made in the USA

Recommended Uses – Tuff Grind rubber rolls have been used successfully in home gyms, and, personal training studios, basements, indoor paintball studios, and in a variety of other locations where a durable non slip flooring solution would be beneficial. Regrind rolls are not normally recommended for use as dog kennel flooring, horse stall matting, or commercial health clubs. Keep in mind that it is not uncommon to see a light black dusting for several months after install. Any opened roll may Not be returned.