Steel Rings

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The PowerFit Steel Rings are enormously strong, durable, lightweight, portable, and incredibly versatile. The length adjusts in seconds, making them perfect for strength training in your own workouts at the gym, at home, or even outside!  The Rings can be used anywhere there is any kind of an overhead support (high bar, chin-up bar, or even a tree branch.)

Product Features:

  • Rings are rated at over 1000 lbs each!
  • The strap cam buckles are specially designed to adjust strap length in seconds.  This is a very nice feature; no more wrestling with d-rings.
  • Straps are made from a black high tensile strength nylon.
  • Extra-long (18') to accommodate handstand work.
  • Straps and cam buckles are also rated at over 1000 lbs each; giving you an incredibly tough and versatile workout tool.


These Rings are not designed for competitive gymnastics. The PowerFit Steel Rings are gymnastics rings that have been specially designed for fitness & strength training.