The Monster Series Rolled Rubber Flooring

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Rolled Rubber Flooring
The Monster Series is a custom-made for extreme strength and conditioning, this 22.5mm system features a 10.5mm Performance Beast Roll field united to a 12mm ShockPad. The resulting triple durometer system combines the durability and firm footing desired in strength training with the ergonomic demands of aggressive functional training in one surface. The Monster series consists of an 8mm underlayment with a 2.5 mm EPDM surface wear layer, field united to a 12mm Base Layer. Rolled rubber comes: 48" wide x 22.5mm thick with a minimum length of 25' long Lead time 20 business days. Contact us for more details! 404-806-7650 The Monster Series is a 22.5mm triple layered system designed for extreme strength and conditioning. This system features a 10.5mm Beast Roll eld united to a 12mm ShockPad. With a durable wear layer made from vulcanized EPDM rubber, this product resists the scuing and marking that is common in strength and conditioning applications.